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Discovery & Beginner Course

1.5 - 3 hours

Start your kite adventure

How we work

Welcome to the best sport

Our Beginner kitecourse is the quickest way to learn how to kite and to make progress.

As soon as beginners need a high level of attention - you will get your personal IKO certified instructor, brand-new kites, boards and all the safety equipment.

Here in Venezuela our students have the exclusive conditions because of the private boat assistance during the lessons. As a result their progress much faster (students don't spend time and energy walking back on the beach to the start point and recovering the board when loosing it during the water starts - the private boat will follow the student through the lesson).
And of course, saving your time - you save your money!

We understand that different people learn in different ways so
we will teach you in the way that suits you best. You can divide the course in 3 days or make it in one day - we'll schedule it according to your progress.

Every student gets certified with an IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) membership card at the end of their course!

We’ll never push you harder than you want to go but we’ll always
help you make as much progress as possible.

If you want to have Photo / GoPro video session of your kite-course - we can make it with our gear from the private boat!

The course

What you will learn step by step

After 1 hour

• Safe conditions for kiting
• Wind window theory
• Setting up a Kite
• Safety systems
• Launching and Landing Kite
• Basic Kite flying skills

From the 1st to 2nd hour

 • Flying Power Kite with two hands
• Flying Power Kite with one hand
• Walking with the Kite
• Water re-launch the Kite
• Body drag downwind
• Self-rescue and pack-down

From the 2nd to 3rd hour

 • Upwind body drag
 • Upwind body drag with one hand
 • Theory for water start
 • Power stroke for a water start
 • Put the Board on the feet
 • Water start

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90% Windy days
per year
Private boat assistance
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Zero Kite
Personal IKO instructor
Our students
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Language is not a problem. We speak Spanish, English, Italian.

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